One Next Step

Have any of you every started walking down a path in life without knowing where it is gonna end up? That is what we did when we moved here!! We knew we were supposed to move here but we had no idea what would come when we did. It was like God was holding a lamp for us, and it didn’t show where we would end up like we sometimes would like, but rather it showed us the one next step He wanted us to take.

Each step we would take was a step of faith.

Even then, the world decided to try to make us doubt our Lamp’s Light. Covid hit the world stage four weeks after our move, two weeks after Josh got a job. We were still living with his sister, praying that God blesses them a little extra this year for putting up with us, and we had only received one paycheck since we had been here.

I know everyone got hit hard, people lost their jobs, some lost their homes, and some lost loved ones. I pray for those people every time I think of them.

But I can honestly say we have been blessed anyway. God provided Josh with work that was day to day, we never knew if he would get called in again or not. But every day was…just one more step. We were not sure if we should continue to look for a house in the midst of the pandemic….just one more step. We lived in the suite at Josh’s sisters place for a month and a half and we did not know what to do for sure….just one more step. We decided to unpack our last couple boxes in the suite…one more step. Then two weeks after that last box we went to look at a house…we were not sure about it but started the paperwork for the sale anyways…one more step.

Then there was this house, one we had driven by at the very beginning of the year. We were feeling uncertain about the house we had begun the paperwork for so we decided we would go look at this place even though it was slightly out of our price range….one next step.

Sunday morning arrives and we get to go view this house at eleven in the morning….one next step. By two that afternoon we put in an offer. We prayed throughout that day and the next that the Lord would have His perfect will with the house. By Him working in mysterious ways and against all odds….our one next step…He gave us our new home!

Ever since we have been in this house, you would think the “next steps
would have at least slowed down a bit. But they have not. Every day is a new one next step that God is asking us to take. That next step is always different. Sometimes that step is a financial step (free plug here for Dave Ramsey, if you don’t know who he is or what he does ya’ll need to find out!) and God requires of us something in that area. Or there have been a few relationship next one steps that have happened for us too! Each next step can be something different but it is always God leading us in the direction He has for us. All He asks is that we trust Him and obey. It is our prayer that we will always be willing to take that next one step with Him by our side.

So friends, let me encourage you today. I cannot tell you what your life will hold or what the future will bring, but if you know God like we do, be willing to take that one next step. Even if that step is to step out of the boat and walk on water!

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