How difficult is a name???

Just a quick little note!! So it will usually be me, Abby, writing our homestead blog posts but Josh may occasionally pop in and say hey too!!

As a couple, we have been dreaming together of one day owning and operating our own little hobby farm\homestead. I think we never really thought we would get to live our dream as we are now. Over the course of those years spent in Langley we dreamed big and prayed we could get to live out the dreams we planned. Every day coming home to our little town house was actually a blessing! Instead of being thrown into all this on a whim, we were able to plan out a bit of what we would eventually like to do, without having the ability to do it at that moment in time. All the research we did during that time, without being able to just jump in, probably will end up saving us both time and money on things that we may have otherwise jumped into too quickly.

We have planned out a good majority of what the next five years, Lord willing, will look like for us here on the homestead. A few different types of animals will come eventually to the stead. The garden situation will be better organized hopefully sooner rather than later. Josh will be building a shop some where on the property. There are a few things in the house that need to be updated or just refinished. Landscaping will be high on the priority list. Expanding the orchard will take a few years to establish but it will get done. But although we have the majority of things planned there is one important detail we have yet to decide on….WE DO NOT HAVE A NAME FOR OUR HOMESTEAD!!!!!!

Most of our downtime on the weekends is spent discussing the possible names for our little slice of heaven! We do not really want to use our name in the name but would rather have something a little unique. It seems like a lot of hobby farmers and homesteaders find their name relatively easy but not us! But it does seem like one is going to be claimed before too long! We will have a name before any business sales start going from here because we will need a distinguishable name for people to tell others!!

In the comments please tell me about your homestead name, and how you came to that name! Have any suggestions on how to narrow it down in choices??

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