Beginning Frustrations

Howdy folks!

Here in Alberta it has been slipping into fall (haha…I made a joke). In fact, today, I pulled out my fall decorations for the house. I have bits of orange and yellow all over the place; ranging from leaves, to pumpkins, to candles, and my own home grown sunflowers are sporting their last colors in a vase on Josh’s lifelike truck on my kitchen table!

Heading into fall in September seems ridiculous to me! This Arizona, born and raised, girl is used to high temperatures through September and even the first little bit of October. So the act of getting ready for winter this early, and a harsher winter at that, is completely foreign to me! But with plants already dying, or climbing back down into their roots, I cannot deny the cooler temps anymore.

We do not have any animals yet here on the homestead so it is a little bit less to do to get ready for the coming cold than say, for my sister in law and her animals. She has so many different kind of animals and all require wintering prep. So while I envy her in the fact she has a set up homestead, I am relieved that for our first real Alberta winter I do not have the added stress of making sure animals survive the cold.

However, that being said, there are some things we do need to get done before those below freezing temps stick around. All the plants I had planted for the season need to be rooted up as I did not plant perennials this year. Then all the fallen leaves and branches need to be cleaned up outta the front lawn so there is no worry of spring cleaning.

I am actually looking forward to winter this year. It will give me extra time to be indoors and be able to work on this blog. Winter will also give me a longer time to train our dog and get a home established before the dog gets to be free outside. There will be sooo much extra time during the cold months I will be able to focus a bit more on the making things from scratch portion of my homesteading dream. Expect lots of breads, soups, and the like, during the next few months.

Currently, I am working on several income bringing projects that I can do from home. I have about five main ideas to go off of. If you guys work from home and are able to bring in a somewhat (seasonal depending) stable income, would you mind commenting and letting me know what it is? Would you guys be down for a bit of a collabaration?

The title of this post is accurate. There are so many frustrations that you come into while trying to upstart a homestead. I was expecting to be somewhat frustrated with maybe like prices and not being able to find exactly what I wanted for the chicken coop. I was even expecting a bit of trouble with getting the hubby on board with all I wanted to do! The single frustration that I did NOT account for, was the frustration that comes with our online presence! Instagram has been my favorite outlet for our homestead journey. I have shared recipes, tips, photos, and life experiences on there. But recently, instagram has decided to sideline my account for some reason. So for now, I am sticking to stories on there and posting a little more frequently on here! I do enjoy writing on word press, however, my favorite is still instagram, and I am hoping to resolve the issue without having to make a new account.

Bottom line ya’ll, be praying for me and instagram to reslove this quickly!!

God bless and hopefully, I will come up with a slogan before long!

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